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From the Blurb:

We've grown way too COMFORTABLE with the story of Jesus
Nice man, right? Taught us to love one another.
Said not to judge people. Tragically killed by his enemies.
We celebrate his birthday every year...
IT's TIME TO PUT AWAY THIS SMALL, SAFE VERSION of Jesus, says Cy Kellett (host, Catholic Answers Live). No one that bland could have transformed the world as he did. In A Teacher of Strange Things, Cy presents Jesus Christ undiluted by sentiment or familiarity, with all his radical words and deeds uncensored.
Who was Jesus? What did he claim to be? Why did he captivate his followers and foes alike? Should we separate the "Jesus of history" from the "Jesus of faith"?
What did Jesus teach? Did he really say he's the only way? When he commanded us to love and not to sin, what did that mean? Which doctrines did he take for granted and which did he turn upside down?
Why do people still follow him? Where does Jesus still live and teach today? How does Jesus fit in a modern world moving away from God? Is it really possible to be friends with someone who died 2,000 years ago?
Cy takes you on a journey of discovery through these questions and many more, helping you see with fresh eyes the once-familiar Jesus Christ. If you are a seeker, you will rethink everything you took for granted about him. If you are his follower, you will come to love him with new and
greater zeal.

A Teacher of Strange Things

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