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A History of Catholic Life in the Russia Far East. Church archivist, Miroslava Efimova, documents the hardships experienced by the Roman Catholic popluation of th Russian Far East first under the czrs and then under the Communists. Relying on archival materials collected in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Krakow, Vitebsk and Minsk, Efimova tell the stories of the people and the priests who served that population. Efimova's work rescues from oblivion the names, the courage, and the perseverance of many ordinary people who lived far from ordinary lives in unimaginable circumstances. The final chapter tells the story of present-day efforts to revive the Roman Catholic parish, work that has been led by two American priests.



280 Pages

ISBN 9781425168032

9" L x 6" W

Harsh Vineyard

SKU: 7866
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