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This large icon box is a beautiful and practical storage solution for cherished small items. It provides a delicate, decorative place to store items, and is suitable for a variety of settings, from homes to churches.


5" x 4" x 1.2" 

Axion Estin "It is Truly Meet" Icon Box (Large)

SKU: 253axion
  • "Axion Estin," which translates to "It is Truly Meet," is a revered hymn of praise in Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition, sung in honor of the Theotokos, the Virgin Mary. This hymn expresses the profound reverence and exaltation accorded to Mary as the Mother of God. According to tradition, the hymn's origins date back to the 9th century when it is said to have been revealed to a monk through a miraculous visitation by the Archangel Gabriel. The hymn's lyrics extol Mary's unique role in salvation history, acknowledging her as higher in honor than the cherubim and more glorious than the seraphim. "Axion Estin" is often sung during liturgical services and devotional gatherings, serving as a poignant expression of devotion and praise to the Mother of God in the Orthodox Christian tradition.

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