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"Making Sense Out of Suffering" by Peter Kreeft explores one of the most challenging topics—why suffering exists if there is a loving and powerful God. Kreeft does not promise to solve the problem of suffering but rather examines various perspectives to shed light on this profound issue. Drawing from philosophers, artists, and theologians, he offers insights into how suffering relates to the human condition and faith, focusing particularly on the Christian understanding of suffering through the lens of free will and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

The book is described as an honest and personal quest for understanding, written in a style that balances philosophical inquiry with accessible, thoughtful reflections. This makes it a suitable read for anyone grappling with the personal and existential questions that arise from experiencing or witnessing suffering. Kreeft's approach is appreciated for its theological depth and the practical way it addresses the objections and concerns that suffering raises for believers and skeptics alike​.

Making Sense out of Suffering

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