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-8.5" x 5.5"


-ISBN 978-0-89555-154-2


True Devotions to Mary

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  • True Devotions to Mary with Preparation for Total Consecration

    Considered by many to be the greatest single book of Marian spirituality ever written. True Devotions to Mary is St. Louis De Montfort's classic statement on the spiritual way to Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Beloved by countless souls, this book sums up the entire Christian life, showing a way of holiness that is short, easy, secure and perfect - a way of life chosen by Our Lord Himself.

    In this beautiful and sublimely inspiring book, De Montfort explains the wonderful spiritual effects which true devotion to Mary brings about in a person's life. There is no better way to advance quickly in holiness, no better way to please God, and no better way to guarantee one's present sanctity and eternal salvation than true devotion to Mary. This edition of True Devotion to Mary is presented in the hope God will include its readers in the holy company of saints.

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