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This little Russian icon captures the essence of timeless spirituality and artistic beauty in a compact form. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its accents shimmer delicately in the light. Measuring 2.5”x3”, this icon serves as a tangible reminder of faith and devotion, perfect for personal meditation or as a cherished gift for loved ones. Each stroke of the brush reflects the rich tradition of Russian iconography, making this piece a treasured addition to any collection or sacred space.

3"Hx2.5"W- Mounted on thin wood- Made in Russia

Harrowing of Hell Icon 2.5"

SKU: 7828harro

  • The Harrowing of Hell, a significant event in Christian theology, recounts the descent of Jesus Christ into Hell following his crucifixion and before his resurrection. This profound narrative, rooted in the Apostles' Creed, symbolizes Christ's triumph over sin and death, as well as his liberation of the righteous souls who awaited redemption. According to tradition, Christ's descent shattered the gates of Hell and liberated the souls of Adam, Eve, and other righteous figures from the grip of Hades. The Harrowing of Hell is a powerful testament to the depth of Christ's sacrificial love and his victory over the forces of darkness, offering hope and salvation to all believers throughout history.

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