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The Wedding Feast at Cana Icon Tapestry captures the sacred event where Jesus performed his first miracle, transforming water into wine at the wedding celebration in Cana. Crafted with intricate detail and vibrant colors, this tapestry depicts the joyous scene of the wedding feast, with Jesus, Mary, and the disciples present among the guests. The bride and groom are shown at the center of the tapestry, surrounded by friends and family, while servants fill the stone jars with water at Jesus' command.

- 10" H x 4" W- Made in Greece

Wedding Feast at Cana Hanging Tapestry Icon

  • These beautiful Religious Tapestry icons are machine woven and made of 100% polyester. Secured with metal on top and bottom which prevents tapestry from curling on the sides. Loop on top allows for easy hanging. Tiny crosses adorn the bottom of the piece.

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