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The Harrowing of Hell Icon Tapestry depicts the profound event in Christian tradition when Jesus Christ descended into Hell following his crucifixion, triumphantly breaking the chains of death and liberating the souls of the righteous. This tapestry captures the dramatic scene of Christ's victorious descent into the realm of the dead, often accompanied by angels and figures representing the Old Testament patriarchs and prophets. Hung as a decorative accent in homes, churches, or prayer spaces, this tapestry serves as a powerful reminder of Christ's ultimate victory over sin and death, offering hope and reassurance to believers of the transformative power of redemption and salvation.

- 10" H x 4" W- Made in Greece

Harrowing of Hell Hanging Tapestry Icon

  • These beautiful Religious Tapestry icons are machine woven and made of 100% polyester. Secured with metal on top and bottom which prevents tapestry from curling on the sides. Loop on top allows for easy hanging. Tiny crosses adorn the bottom of the piece.

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