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With My Meditations on Saint Paul, follow in the missionary footsteps of Saint Paul from Damascus to Rome.

Father James Sullivan begins each daily devotional with a scene from Acts of the Apostles or the Epistles of Saint Paul. Filled with rich historical and personal details describing the thoughts and feelings that a disciple must have experienced, Sullivan places you in the midst of the early Christians who heard the words of Saint Paul.

This pocket-sized devotional gives you everything you need to walk with and learn at the feet of the Saint Paul, including:

• Intimate, personal reflections on the words and acts of Saint Paul
• Heartfelt prayers, echoing the same prayers and petitions of the great convert and evangelizer
• Detailed maps chronicling Saint Paul’s extensive missionary journeys (p. 557-560)
• A timeline of St. Paul’s life both before and after his dramatic conversion (p. 563-564)
• And much more…

My Meditations on St. Paul

SKU: 6348
  • Paperback

    Published by Tan Books

    560 pages

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