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The St. Michael Greek Icon Tapestry is a representation of the archangel Michael. This tapestry is crafted with vibrant colors, depicting St. Michael in his iconic role as the warrior angel, triumphing over evil. With his sword raised high and his wings outstretched, St. Michael exudes strength, courage, and divine protection. Hung as a decorative accent in homes, churches, or prayer spaces, this tapestry serves as a powerful reminder of St. Michael's role as a defender of the faith and a symbol of spiritual warfare
- 10" H x 4" W- Made in Greece

St. Michael Hanging Tapestry Icon

  • These beautiful Religious Tapestry icons are machine woven and made of 100% polyester. Secured with metal on top and bottom which prevents tapestry from curling on the sides. Loop on top allows for easy hanging. Tiny crosses adorn the bottom of the piece.

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