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"A Grief Observed" is a profoundly moving exploration of grief, loss, and faith written by the renowned author C.S. Lewis. This deeply personal work chronicles Lewis's journey through the intense pain and sorrow he experienced following the death of his beloved wife, Joy Davidman. Through a series of raw and unfiltered reflections, Lewis grapples with the overwhelming emotions of grief, including anger, doubt, and despair, as he struggles to make sense of his loss and come to terms with his faith in the midst of suffering. Written with honesty, vulnerability, and profound insight, "A Grief Observed" offers readers a poignant glimpse into the complexities of the human experience of loss and the profound mysteries of faith. This timeless classic continues to resonate with readers of all backgrounds, offering solace, comfort, and hope to those navigating the depths of grief and longing for meaning in the midst of suffering.

A Grief Observed

SKU: 111759
  • Paperback

    Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers

    76 pages

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