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"Nine Days to Rediscover the Joy of Prayer" by Father Jacques Philippe is a spiritual guide that offers readers a transformative journey towards a deeper and more joyful prayer life. Through a series of daily reflections, Father Philippe provides practical insights and encouragement to help readers overcome obstacles to prayer and cultivate a more intimate relationship with God. Drawing on Scripture, the wisdom of the saints, and his own personal experiences, Father Philippe explores key aspects of prayer such as silence, trust, perseverance, and surrender. With his characteristic warmth and simplicity, Father Philippe offers readers a path to rediscover the joy and peace that come from encountering God in prayer. This book serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to revitalize their prayer life and experience the abundant blessings of communion with God.

Nine Days to Rediscover the Joy of Prayer

SKU: 17813
  • Paperback

    Published by Scepter Publishers

    88 pages

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