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Fr. Francis Randolph presents a very positive and practical understanding of the immense value of the sacrament of confession for the modern Catholic. Father Randolph helps the reader to see how the sacrament of confession meets the deepest needs of the penitent on the spiritual, emotional and psychological levels. Step by step we follow the different stages of the rite, looking at the implications of the various prayers and elements of the sacrament, to see what they can mean for the average sinner in the confessional. The author draws on his own experiences, on both sides of the grille, to explain what is actually happening in this sacrament, and why it is such a helpful part of the process of growing in the love of God and neighbor. Because there has been so much recent confusion over the nature and purpose of this sacrament, the book tackles the common objections and anxieties over confession and recommends the practice of frequent confession as a means of getting rid of stress and anxiety as well as sin, and of growing in confidence before God.

Pardon and Peace

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