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"The Biblical Basis for Purgatory" by John Salza provides a comprehensive examination of the doctrine of Purgatory within the Catholic Church, grounded in Scripture and Tradition. Drawing upon his expertise as a theologian and lawyer, Salza presents a thorough analysis of key biblical passages and teachings from the early Church Fathers to support the existence and purpose of Purgatory. With clarity and precision, he addresses common objections and misconceptions surrounding Purgatory, offering reasoned explanations and insights into its theological significance. Salza's meticulous scholarship and accessible writing style make this book an invaluable resource for Catholics seeking a deeper understanding of Purgatory and its role in the purification of souls. Whether for personal study or for engaging in dialogue with others, "The Biblical Basis for Purgatory" equips readers with the knowledge and confidence to articulate and defend this essential aspect of Catholic doctrine.

The Biblical Basis for Purgatory

SKU: 4319
  • Paperback

    Published by St Benedict Press 

    230 pages

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