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This icon box is a beautiful and practical storage solution for cherished small items. It provides a delicate, decorative place to store items, and is suitable for a variety of settings, from homes to churches.


3.75" x 2.75" x 1.2" 

Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn Icon Box

SKU: 7845dawn

  • The Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn, also known as the Blessed Virgin Mary of Vilnius, is a revered icon housed in the Gate of Dawn chapel in Vilnius, Lithuania. This sacred image depicts the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus, with her right hand outstretched in blessing. The Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn icon is venerated for its miraculous healings and answered prayers, drawing pilgrims and devotees from around the world. It holds a special place in Lithuanian Catholicism and is considered the spiritual guardian of the city of Vilnius. Believers turn to this icon for protection, guidance, and intercession, finding solace in Mary's maternal care and her perpetual presence at the gate of their lives.

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