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Greek Icon Ornaments are exquisite pieces of religious art that reflect the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Orthodox Christianity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these ornaments typically feature miniature depictions of revered icons, adorned with vibrant colors and intricate designs. They serve as tangible symbols of faith and devotion, often hung as decorative accents in homes, churches, or placed on Christmas trees during the holiday season. Greek Icon Ornaments are not only decorative but also carry deep spiritual significance, reminding believers of the timeless beauty and sacred tradition of Orthodox iconography. Whether gifted to loved ones or displayed for personal reflection, these ornaments are cherished symbols of faith and cultural identity.

- 3.5-4.5" Icon Ornament
- Made in Greece

Extreme Humility of Virgin Mary Greek Icon Ornament

SKU: 7817yelrub
  • The Icon of Extreme Humility of Virgin Mary is a revered image in Orthodox Christian tradition, depicting the Virgin Mary in a posture of profound humility and devotion. In this sacred icon, Mary is portrayed with her head bowed low and her hands crossed over her chest, symbolizing her complete surrender to the will of God and her role as the handmaid of the Lord. The Extreme Humility icon serves as a powerful reminder of Mary's exemplary virtue and her willingness to serve as the vessel through which God's plan for salvation was fulfilled. Believers turn to this icon for inspiration and guidance in cultivating humility and devotion in their own lives, finding solace in Mary's example of selfless obedience and unwavering faith.

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