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This large icon box is a beautiful and practical storage solution for cherished small items. It provides a delicate, decorative place to store items, and is suitable for a variety of settings, from homes to churches.


5" x 4" x 1.2" 

Eleusa Marian Icon Box (Large)

SKU: 253Eleusa
  • The Eleusa icon, also known as the Virgin of Tenderness, is a poignant representation in Orthodox Christian tradition, symbolizing the intimate and compassionate bond between the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child. In this sacred image, Mary tenderly holds Jesus close to her cheek, conveying a sense of maternal love, comfort, and empathy. The Eleusa icon invites believers to contemplate the profound mystery of the Incarnation and the humanity of Christ, as well as the Virgin Mary's role as the compassionate intercessor and protector of humanity. Through heartfelt prayers and devotion to the Eleusa icon, believers seek solace, healing, and spiritual nourishment, finding comfort in Mary's tender embrace and unwavering care for all who turn to her in need.

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